Barbara Elisabeth Kreisl



Architect / Setdesigner/ Painter


Born in Munich 1960 - lives in Munich and Rome
Languages : German - English - Italien - French


Filmography / collaboration artdepartment


"LUTHER" from Eric Till ( Rolf Zehetbauer )
"L`AMORE DI MARJA" from Anne Riitta Ciccone ( Marco Dentice )
"THE EMPEROR ´S NEW CLOTHES" from Alan Taylor ( Andrea Crisanti )
"TITUS" from Julie Taymor ( Dante Ferretti )
"LA DONNA DEL NORD" from Franz Weisz ( Gianni Giovannioni )
"SMILE" from Sergio Gobbi ( Antonello Geleng )
"COLPO DI LUNA" from Alberto Simone ( Andrea Crisanti )
"L`AMERICA" from Gianni Amelio
"UNA PURA FORMALITA" from Giuseppe Tornatore ( Andrea Crisanti )
"COMMINCIO TUTTO PER CASO" from Umberto Marino ( Osvaldo Desideri )
"VOLEVAMO ESSERE GLI U2" from Andrea Barzini ( Massimo Spano)
"TAMERLAN" from Ali Kamirev ( Giantito Burchiellaro )
"LADRO DEI BAMBINI" from Gianni Amelio ( Andrea Crisanti )
"LA SETTA" from Michele Soavi ( Antonello Geleng )
"THE ADVENTURES OF THE BARON OF MUNCHHAUSEN" from Terry Gilliam ( Dante Ferretti )


Theater / Opera / Music


"SARGASSI" from Vasco Mirandela ( B. E. Kreisl )
"GIOVANNA D´ARCO" from Werner Herzog ( Henning v Gierke )
"MOZART E SALIERI" from Eberhard Schoener ( B. E. Kreisl )




"OMNITEL" from Harry Pastramis
"FRESHCLUB" from Christian Levring
"MOUSLINE" from Giuseppe Tornatore
"CHEF BOYARDEE" from Giuseppe Tornatore


Creative shaping of LOGO and officespaces


Pharmaceutical sister firm in Munich of GENETICS INSTITUTE / WYETH

Painting exhibitions

Munich Miami Rome Tinksryd

Creative workshops

Elementary school Cadlolo in Rome


Work in Progress




Space has become a major issue on our planet. therefore it is important to carry a positive, gentle, light and peaceful place inside ourselves.
I was born in Munich in the spring of 1960. As a child i hardly ever slept in my normal bed. Every corner of the house, either under the roof or a small niche on the terrace was more inviting as a place to build my own room. I was creating around me my own most immediate space.
After high school i was accepted into the arts acedemy, but i decided to go into architecture. After my architecture degree and a brief period of work experience, I was keen to live in a new country, so i went to Italy. This new discovery gave me hands-on knowledge of the cultural jungle.
After one year in a painter's art studio,
I found work at cinecitta in Rome in the art department of dante ferretti for Terry Gilliam's movie "The adventures of the baron of Münchhausen". My work in production design, the team experience and my personal artwork gave me a perfect balance.
In 2003 my personal space got a new entry: my wonderful son. New colours and time windows had to interwind with practical life. Art workshops and book projects for children became a major issue. It was a bridge to the new future generation.