Alan Sorrenti


Alan Sorrenti is an italian recording artist and composer who had been playing a great role in the italian music scene with his very unique way of singing by creating,performing and producing songs for almost 5 decades, always updating his style and many times anticipating the future.


He was born in Naples Italy from Italian father and Welsh mother,a combination that made him not a typical italian singer at all.


He grew up inspired by Tim Buckley, a Californian singer and songwriter, recognized for his innovative and original way of singing, and by the english progressive rock of early Seventies that became his style at the beguinning of his career with EMI in 1972 with his debut solo album "Aria" that received a reward from the critics as "best album of the year" featuring the famous jazz violinist,Jean Luc Ponty,specially known for being the first who had played the electric violin in jazz music and for his collaboration with Frank Zappa and Elton John.


The single"Vorrei incontrarti"became one of the songs of the post '68 italian generation culture.
The second album "Come un vecchio incensiere all'alba di un villaggio deserto" (EMI 1973)was recorded in London with english musicians and members of acclaimed progressive rock bands like Van der Graf Generator.At that time his work was contaminated by Pink Floyd's psychedelic vibes.
His third album"Alan Sorrenti"(EMI 1974) was featuring a classical napolitan song "Dicitencello Vuje"that made him enter the Top 10 Italian Chart for his original interpretation.


But Alan was looking forward, always searching for new ways of expressing himself.
So after an adeventurous journey to Africa,where he descovered the great power of rythm,he came back to Europe with totally new music ideas and decided to descover, with his producer Corrado Bacchelli, the american scene.


In San Francisco California he recorded a new album of fusion"Sienteme it's time to land" (EMI 1976) with a local band that accompanied him in tour in Italy.
The concerts were arranged for the occasion by Mark Isham,the famous movie soundtrack composer.
Returning from touring he finally established himself in Los Angeles where he had been leaving for 5 years.
On the West Coast he met Jay Graydon ,who at that time was producing Al Jerreau.


The legendary guitarist player produced the most Alan Sorrenti's successfull album"Figli delle Stelle"(EMI 1977),with Corrado Bacchelli's executive production and featuring David Foster (Tony Braxton and Micheal Bublé producer), that sold over a million copies only in Italy. The track "Figli delle Stelle" soon became a cult-song and the leading symbol of italian dance music.
But his most popular song"Tu sei l'unica donna per me" was released two years later and sold all over Europe,specially in Italy Germany and Scandinavia and won the "Festival Bar"the italian Grammy award.
The song was part of the album" "L.A.&N.Y" (EMI 1979) still produced by the same team, as well as the next one"Di Notte"(EMI 1980) with the new hit single "Non so che darei,"a song that was nominated to the Eurovision Festival in Rotterdam.


The musical event marked the end of a cycle in Alan Sorrenti's career and the beguinning of his spiritual and artistic rebirth,expressed by"La strada brucia"from"Angeli di strada" (Ricordi 1982) and the mystic song "Non si nasce mai una volta sola" from "Bonno Soku Bodai"(WEA 1986), inspired by his conversion to the "True Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin".
Few years later Alan recorded in London most of his famous songs produced with new arrengements and an injection of a "live touch" in a cd album called "Radici"(DSB 1992).
The experience gave him the opportunity to explore the new music scene and write new tracks with some members of Planet Funk, like"Kyoko mon amour" released in a "greatest hits" cd album "Miami" (EMI 1996) and "Paradiso Beach" from his latest cd album"Sottacqua" (SONY 2003), that was very welcomed by the radio networks and the new generation audience.